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"There is more treasure in books than in all the loot on Treasure Island."    -Walt Disney


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Introducing children to the world of reading and literature at a young age stimulates intellectual curiosity, cultivates an appreciation of the written word, encourages creativity, and develops character.

Wilson School Library is home to over 4,000 books, audiovisuals, and magazines.  Our entire collection is automated, enabling students to look for books on our computerized card catalog.  The catalog also contains links to hundreds of educational websites.  Our students have an excellent selection of materials for book reports, research assignments, or just plain reading for enjoyment.

Every class comes to the library weekly for lessons and/or to borrow books.  Lessons cover topics such as:

    • Library procedures
    • How to find a book
    • Literature genres
    • Reference tools
    • Authors
    • Research techniques
    • Story time

There's something at our library for every child to discover, to learn, or to enjoy!




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