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Kindergarten is an exciting and very special time in a child's life. Here at Wilson School we strive to create a nurturing environment where each child loves to learn. We promote kindness, respect and caring for one another.

In Kindergarten each week, the students will learn a new letter and sound. The students blend sounds to read words too. We have a wonderful math program called Only the Numbers Count, which teaches our students different ways to look at numbers, and to begin adding numbers together very quickly in Kindergarten. They will learn numbers to 100, addition, subtraction and ways to measure in math too. The Kindergarten has a great writing program called Writing City. You will see your child begin to write 1 to 2 sentences by June.

Each day we have center time in Kindergarten. During this time, each student works in learning centers to reinforce concepts taught in math, language arts, phonics, writing, science or social studies. We use hands-on activities during center time each day.

During the year, the Kindergarten classes participate in many different activities and themes as listed below:



  • Themes: Getting to Know You and All About Me
  • Color and Shape Week
  • Fall Festivities


  • Themes: Animals I Like and Around The Table
  • Fire Prevention and Safety Study
  • Halloween Festivities


  • Theme: Family and Friends
  • Thanksgiving Feast


  • Themes: Watch Me Grow
  • Study of Different Holidays
  • Chasing the Gingerbread Man


  • Theme: Silly Business
  • Teddy Bear Week
  • Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales


  • Theme: Animal Adventures
  • Study of Animal Habitats
  • Study of our Presidents


  • Theme: Around the Town
  • Dr. Seuss's Birthday - Read Across America


  • Theme: Growing Things
  • Planting Flowers
  • Easter and Spring Celebration


  • Theme: Bug Surprises
  • Observing the life cycle of butterflies
  • Field Day
  • Class Trip


  • Theme: Under the Ocean
  • Study of Summer
  • Kindergarten End of the Year Show



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