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Carrie Esposito
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Carrie Esposito

Christine Bruin

Our goal for the fourth grade students of Wilson School is to ease them into a new level of academic learning.  It is a pivotal transitional year emotionally and socially as well as educationally.  We strive to be a positive influence and role model as they mature into young adulthood. We will shape their learning through teaching methods and strategies such as differentiation which reaches the visual, auditoria and sensory student. The students will be challenged to think on a higher level which will initiate critical thinking and decision making.  The goal for our students is to have an enriching experience in the fourth grade.
This year’s fourth grade curriculum is as follows:


    • Building upon comprehension, vocabulary and context clues.  Reinforcement of sentence structure and grammar.  Development of writing skills.


    • Place value, money, addition, subtraction, time, data, graphs, multiplication (concepts & facts), division (concepts & facts), geometry and measurement, fractions and measurement, decimals and measurement.


    • Life Science- plants and animals, how they grow and live together.
    • Earth Science- weather, rocks and soil, layers of the earth and natural resources.
    • Physical Science- matter and its properties, changes in matter, forces and motion, energy and sound.
    • Space and Technology- Solar system, patterns in the sky and science in our lives.    

Social Studies  

    • “New Jersey”
    • The Geography of New Jersey.
    • The Land and It’s People.

We are positive that the fourth grade students, their parents, and the Wilson School Family can make the upcoming school year both rewarding and unforgettable.


Upcoming Dates


Monday, May 28


Tuesday, June 05


Friday, June 15 - Thursday, June 21


Thursday, June 21