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School Security Officer


Philip Gundlah

(973) 478 - 8662

Goals of the SRO Program:

  • Improve police and youth relations
  • Increase positive attitudes towards law enforcement
  • Provide for safe and secure learning environment
  • Reduce juvenile crime through counseling


The SRO will assume three primary functions or roles in the school community:

As an Instructor - The SRO will provide a variety of educational opportunities to the school community through law related presentations for students, faculty, and parents.


As a Resource Provider - The SRO can provide informal counseling to students and parents.  This counseling can range from mediation of student problems to guiding students and parents to the appropriate agency.


As a Police Officer - The SRO will be a positive law enforcement presence in the school community and act as a role model for students.  Uniformed Officers also present a deterrent to violence, drug use, vandalism, and theft.  Their presence will provide an immediate increase in safety and security for both student and staff.


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