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Code of Conduct

Students in the Thomas Jefferson Middle School are expected to act in such a fashion that their behavior will reflect favorably on the individual student and on the school, will show consideration for fellow students, and will create a harmonious atmosphere that is conducive to student growth and development. To achieve this goal, all students must recognize their individual responsibilities to adhere to school regulations and policies. We ask parents/guardians to guide and direct their children toward standards of good conduct in the total school environment. Students should cooperate with teachers, administrators, and all school personnel when incorporating corrective and disciplinary measures. The administration believes that the best discipline is self-imposed and that pupils should learn to assume responsibility for their own behavior and accept the consequences of their actions.



Thomas Jefferson Middle School Code Of Conduct

1.  I will respect other people and their belongings.
2.  I will behave in a manner that is safe for other people and myself.
3.  I will help create a good learning environment in school.
4.  I will act responsibly toward my peers, teachers, and property.
5.  I will perform to the highest level of my abilities.


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