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Barbara Colizza

Barbara Colizza

Lots of exciting things are going on in third grade!  As we prepare for the NJASK, students are enhancing and applying their writing skills by writing narrative and expository compositions.  They particularly like sitting in the author's chair to share their written masterpieces!  As a whole class we are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Upon the completion of the book, students are eager to watch both the new and older version of the movie. They will then compare and contrast the story lines and identify the similarities and differences.  Students will create a "new" candy bar invention and write a detailed persuasive composition to Mr. Willy Wonka to convince him to buy their candy invention.  In Math, we are currently exploring geometry, fractions, measurements, and of course MULTIPLICATION. is a great website for students to practice multiplication skills at home. There is a variety of games they can engage in and practice learned skills!  As we prepare for the NJASK test, students participate in the STUDY ISLAND WEEKEND CHALLENGES so Mr. Pizza arrives safely at the island! He will only arrive at the island if we work together to reach our goal of answering a set number of questions before testing time!  In Science, we are exploring the Solar System. The Solar System is full of planets, moons, asteroids, comets, minor planets, and many other exciting objects.  Students will learn the planets in order from the sun by learning the mnemonic device "My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas".  Students will also create a Solar System project!  As you can see we are very busy third graders!

REMINDER: Students should be reading fiction chapter books of their choice at their own pace and completing their book report summary logs provided in class. The goal is to have 15 reading logs completed before May!

Our classroom is a student-centered interactive environment which facilitates a true love of learning.  Students are becoming active, informed, responsible citizens who contribute to the community.  The Bergen County Animal Shelter was the recipient of our volunteer efforts.  Students decorated “Adopt Me” bandanas for the homeless dogs and cats in hopes of fostering adoptions. Understanding challenges not only in our own community, but developing a true sense of global awareness is also a major component of our curriculum. Students researched and documented ways in which individuals can join together to save endangered species throughout the world.   By combining science and technology, students are developing the skills necessary to be effective communicators and wise decision makers.

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