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Laura Leto

Laura Leto

Mrs. Leto’s Second Grade Class at Roosevelt School is having an exciting year.   Students are encouraged to work to their potential.  Students are given opportunities to be successful working independently as well as in groups.

Students in Language Arts have Spelling words that introduce and practice different phonics skills.  Students complete alphabetical order and write sentences for weekly lists.  Skills are practiced and tests are given at the end of each week.

In Reading, there are a variety of different stories read that develop skills and use reading strategies. Students listen to audio CDs and use retelling cards to improve vocabulary and comprehension skills.  Students meet in Leveled Reading groups for differentiated instruction.  Students receive Grammar lessons and write about many topics including personal narratives, descriptive paragraphs, and picture prompts.  A favorite assignment has the title “My Robot”.

In Math, students use hands-on manipulatives to explore Math concepts.  Students study addition and subtraction, geometry, money, measurement, time, graphs, and data.  Students enjoy solving problems, as well as completing tasks and games in the Differentiated Math Center Activities.

In Social Studies and Science, students complete various writing and art assignments that follow topics as studied.  In Social Studies, students learn about the community, map skills, Geography, and the environment.  In Science, students study plants and animals. Earth Science has students focus on Earth, land, air, water, weather, and the seasons.  A favorite topic of the class is Dinosaurs and Fossils.  Students make dinosaur projects that go on exhibit for the school to enjoy.

The Roosevelt School Second Graders are having a rewarding year!


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