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Kari Fritsch

Kari Fritsch

Fourth grade is an exciting and challenging adventure through learning. The curriculum is geared to the NJ state standards and provides the essential skills and strategies necessary for being successful on the NJ ASK Test. By providing a differentiated curriculum as well as infusing technology with the use of the SMART Board into the lessons, I hope to ensure that all students reach their highest potential.

The success of my students is of utmost importance to me and I hold my students to high standards that are both realistic and attainable. My job as the teacher is to help guide them through this process because I want to help them become the best students they could be.  I want to help prepare them to be self-motivated lifelong learners as they learn to appreciate that gaining knowledge could be fun. I want all of my students to not only succeed academically, but also to experience the satisfaction that learning brings. I expect my students to take responsibility for their own school work, develop better organizational skills, and build strong time management skills.  Homework helps to foster these skills and it is assigned on a daily basis and is expected to be completed. I hope that by strengthening positive behavioral skills and allowing them to accept responsibility for their actions as well as the consequences, they will cultivate strong citizenship skills.

It is also important that teachers and parents work together to ensure the success of the students. In order to help, there are some basic things you could do to increase your child's success. Encourage your child to read every night for a minimum of twenty minutes. Studies show that children who read on a regular basis increase their vocabulary and levels of comprehension. Your child's mastery of their multiplication facts will greatly help in their ability to comprehend and master fourth grade math.  So, daily practice of math facts is imperative as most skills in the fourth grade are built upon these skills. By working together, we could help create a respectful climate of academic success and instill a joy for lifelong learning.

Our class motto: Work Hard. Be Nice. Dream Big.


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