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Chelsea Tirico

Chelsea Tirico

First grade is an exciting grade level filled with many new learning experiences. Students will transition from tables to their very own desks. They will learn organizational skills and study skills along with the other academic areas.  For the first time students will be assessed and given a letter grade. Students will be provided with the support to meet the tasks expected of them.  Differentiated learning is implemented in my first grade classroom to meet the needs of all learners.

Students will be building their language arts skills throughout the year. They will develop phonetic skills, vocabulary, and reading fluency. Comprehension skills will be introduced and mastered throughout the year.  Main idea, plot, characters and setting, sequence, and author’s purpose are some the skills students will work on throughout first grade and continue with in the future. Students will learn to express ideas in writing. Throughout the year, students will be working toward the goal of writing a well-constructed paragraph.

Developing mathematical concepts and skills will take place throughout first grade. Through the use of the Smart Board technology, interactive lessons will be taught and practiced.  Students will learn strategies to add and subtract, understand number patterns to 120, adding and subtracting with tens and ones, measure length, tell time, and identify parts of fractions.  Patterns and relationships in mathematics will become clearer to students throughout first grade with the use of math manipulatives, hundred charts, and interactive learning videos.

These are just some of the many things the first grade students will be learning this year. My goal as an educator is to provide each child with a nurturing learning environment that cultivates self-esteem and motivates the pursuit of learning.  I believe in parent/ teacher partnerships and I look forward to helping students fulfill their full potential.


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