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Helena Elmo

Helena Elmo

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The fifth grade Language Arts curriculum uses differentiated instruction techniques to prepare students for the NJASK assessment and enhance the students’ overall reading, writing, and comprehension skills.  Language Arts includes the disciplines of Reading, Writing and Spelling.  Students in the fifth grade will also read several novels as a class throughout the year in order to further develop a life-long love of reading.

The Math curriculum in the fifth grade addresses New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Content Standards.  Differentiated instruction in the form of math manipulatives and leveled group work will be exercised in this area.   Topics included in 5th grade mathematics are fractions, decimals, geometry, probability, algebra, and open-ended problem solving. NJASK preparation is also an important aspect of Mathematics in grade five.

The Science curriculum includes hands on experiments to enforce the concepts taught aligned with the New Jersey standards in Science.  Throughout fifth grade we will cover Life and Physical Sciences as well as studies in Earth and Space.

Social Studies curriculum in fifth grade is introduced with geography and covers America’s history from the Native Americans to the American Revolution.  The Social Studies curriculum is very interactive and allows students to use their multiple intelligences and directly relate to America’s past.


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