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Health Screenings: Height, weight, and blood pressure screenings are conducted annually. Vision screenings are conducted for 10th grade only. Hearing screenings are conducted for 11th grade only. Scoliosis screenings are conducted for the 9th and 11th only. The health screenings are pursuant to State code. N.J.S.A: 4.0-4.3.

If you prefer that your child NOT be screened, please submit that request in writing and return it to the School Nurse or email to or fax to 973-772-2871.

Please notify the School Nurse in regard to any changes in your child's health.

Medication in School: Please be aware that all medications require an prescription from your child's doctor and parental consent. Please download the Medication Authorization Form on the left and have your child's doctor fill out the form. Please fill out the bottom of the form with your signature and date. All prescription medications must be in the original pharmacy bottle with the student's name and instructions for dispensing on the label. A Medication Authorization Form needs to be filled out completely for any over-the-counter medications.

Inhalers or EpiPens: If your son or daughter requires an EpiPen in school, please be sure to send me the completed Medication Authorization Form. Also, please fill out the Hold Harmless Agreement Administration of Epinephrine if your child uses an EpiPen. Please download the Hold Harmless Agreement Administration of Epinephrine form on the website. It is extremely important to have all the necessary forms filled out in the event of an emergency.

Please send all Athletic Physical Forms and Screeners to the Carlos Ruales-Godoy the Athletic Trainer at


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