Gaetana Leone

Gaetana Leone

The philosophy of our Pre-K program is to recognize the importance of the early years in building the foundation for later development physically, socially, emotionally, and academically.  In our program, we utilize many techniques and activities that foster this growth and development and act as a foundation for future academic success.

We recognize that young children will enter school at varying developmental and ability levels; therefore the early childhood program will provide our students with multiple opportunities to experience and explore the world in ways that will enhance the development of the whole child, while considering his or her unique abilities, special needs, and/or cultural diversity.

We also acknowledge the importance of family as a partner in a child’s education; therefore home/school partnerships are encouraged.

We provide a high-quality program based on current research and knowledge of how young children learn.  We employ instructional strategies that include encouraging child-initiated activities, developing higher-order thinking skills, and using small group instruction, literature-based activities, while utilizing the latest technology.  By employing these strategies, we provide the children with multiple play-based opportunities to learn that will develop all domains (cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical) in a child-centered environment.


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