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Media Specialist - Andrew Kaider

Hilltop Media Center

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Hilltop School Media Center is a welcoming learning environment where our students gain an appreciation for the love of reading and literature. With a superb selection of books and eBooks, there is something at our library for every child to discover, learn about, and enjoy. Library classes are taught how to navigate the electronic card catalog to locate material. We also explore proper research techniques with our various reference materials. Story time, literary genres, and in depth studies of authors are incorporated throughout the year.

Our Computer Lab and laptops have all been updated to meet the needs of our students. Students regularly access Study Island as an integral part of our curriculum to prepare them for the PARCC online assessment.

eBooks are our "Virtual Library" and can be accessed from any Internet device both in school and at home. Visit the link "Follett Shelf" on this page from your iPad, Kindle, laptop or desktop. This is a fantastic way to incorporate literature with technology to encourage reading.

All classrooms are now equipped with interactive SMARTboards. These offer bright, touch-sensitive whiteboards that encourage students to interact with the lessons and motivate them to learn. This is a great tool for students to explore the world of learning through 21st century technology.


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