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School Counselor - Grace Ann Parisi

(973) 778 - 1213 x16

Mrs. Grace Ann Parisi

Hello, my name is Grace Ann Parisi.  I am the school counselor for Columbus, Hilltop and Roosevelt Schools.
My role as the school counselor is to provide individual counseling, small group counseling and large group counseling.  Individual counseling allows me to meet and work with your child one on one.  A specific topic is discussed during these sessions.  Small group counseling usually consists of four to six members.  Again, a specific topic, such as bullying, conflict resolution, conflict management, self-esteem or social issues is discussed.  The benefit of a small group is that the children learn from each other.   During the school year large group counseling may also take place.  These groups consist of classroom lessons.  The benefit of classroom lessons is that you can reach a large group of students in a small amount of time.
I maintain open communication between classroom teachers, the principal, the special area teachers, parents, special services, related service providers and community resource providers.
If you would like to talk to me about a concern that you have, please call me.  My schedule is listed below:

Monday and Wednesday Columbus School
Tuesday and Thursday Hilltop School
Friday Roosevelt School


From time to time, I have been asked by parents for suggestions regarding books that elementary school aged children can read on topics that may affect their lives.

Below is a list of children’s books regarding topics including bullying, friendship, and divorce:


The Sandbox Jenette Stone Conflict Resolution
Nobody Knew What To Do Becky Ray McCain Bullying
The Boy Who Grew Flowers Jen Wojtowicz Kindness
Our Friendship Rules Peggy Moss Loyalty
Do Unto Otters Laurie Keller Manners
Jack's Talent Maryann Cocca-Leffler Self-esteem
Full Mouse, Empty Mouse Dina Zeckhausen Food & Feelings
Mookey the Monkey Gets Over Being Teased Heather Lonczak Bullying
Jenny Is Scared Shuman Anxiety
I Want it Now! Chris Loftis Frustration
When I Feel Angry Cornelia Maude Spelman Anger
My Mouth is a Volcano Julia Cook Anger
Emily Breaks Free Linda Talley Teasing
Mr. Peabody's Apple Madonna Rumors
Mr. Worry Holly L. Niner OCD
Is a Worry Worrying You? Ferida Wolf & Harriet May Savitz Anxiety
Gentle Willow Joyce C. Mills Grief
Was it the Chocolate Pudding? Sandra Levins Divorce
The Big Beautiful Brown Box Larry Dane Brimner Communication
Unique Monique Maria Rousaki Self-esteem
Just the Way You Are Marcus Pfister Self-esteem
The Way I Feel Janan Cain Feelings
The Blue Ribbon Day Katie Couric Friendship
Don't Squeal Unless it's a Big Deal Jeanie Franz Ransom Tattling
Me First Helen Lester Pushiness
The Gulps Rosemary Wells Obesity
Mind Your Manners in School Arianna Candell Manners / Rules
Leo the Lightning Bug Eric Drachman Perseverance
Make Someone Smile Judy Lalli Conflic Resolution
Hands Are Not For Hitting Martine Agassi Behavior
Feet Are Not For Hurting Elizabeth Verdick Behavior
Words Are Not For Hurting Elizabeth Verdick Behavior
My Secret Bully Trudy Ludwig Bullying
Simon's Hook Karen Gedig Burnett Teasing & Put-Downs
Enemy Pie Derek Munson Friendship
How To Be a Friend Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown Friendship
Tyler Tames the Testing Tiger Janet M. Bender, M. Ed. Test Anxiety

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