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Jessica Bigos

Lisa Costa

Kindergarten is filled with fun-filled activites throughout the entire school eyar.  Here are some of the topics and activities we complete as the year progresses.


  • Getting to know you theme
  • Study of apples (Johnny Appleseed)
  • Fall


  • Fall and pumpkin study
  • Fire safety and prevention study
  • Halloween party and parade
  • Study of leaves


  • Election Day and voting
  • Pilgrims and Indians
  • Thanksgiving Feast


  • Study of different holidays
  • Holiday party
  • Study of Winter


  • Study of Polar Animals
  • Martin Luther Kind Jr.
    (study of cooperation and friendship)


  • Dental Health month
  • Study of Presidents
  • Valentine's Day Party
  • Groundhog's Day
  • Black History Month


  • Study of Spring
  • St. Patrick's Day (Green Day treat)
  • Read Across America
  • Nutrition Month


  • Growing theme (living and non-living)
  • Easter and Spring celebration
  • Study of flowers


  • Study of bugs and butterflies
  • Memorial Day
  • Field Day
  • Class trip (Children's Museum)


  • Study of Summer
  • Graducation Program
  • Ocean theme
  • Beach Party


In addition, the children learn a new letter of the alphabet each week.  They learn to read words by sight and by blending letter sounds.  They also enjoy learning to count to 100, make patterns, tell time, add and subtract.  The Kindergarten children are immersed in a hands-on learning experience that is fun, challenging, and stimulating.


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