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It has been a wonderful school year so far.  The students have been busy learning a wide variety of topics in all subject areas.  Fourth grade is the foundation for becoming an independent and life-long learner.  We feel responsibility is one of the major components of future success.  In fourth grade students will work toward taking responsibility for their own learning.

We want our students to enter our classroom each day with the overwhelming desire to learn, and we want them to be motivated in the classroom so they successfully learn and understand the material.  Homework is a very important aspect of fourth grade.  Students need to review and reinforce skills that were learned throughout the day.  Students need to understand the importance of coming to school and the importance of doing their homework.

The fourth graders will be busy preparing for the PARCC testing that will take place in April.  The test is based on Language Arts, Math, and Science skills.  Preparation for the state test has already begun, so we ask for all the parents’ cooperation and understanding as the children get ready for the test. 

The fourth graders will be going on a class trip to Sandy Hook at the end of May.  This is a very fun trip for all students!  The students will be introduced to marine life.  They will collect algae, crabs, fish, and shells.
At the end of the school year the students will be reading Bridge to Terabithia.  They will be assigned different assignments that will be completed in school and at home.  At the end of the story the students will be able to watch Bridge to Terabithia the movie.  They will be able to compare and contrast the movie and the book.

Fourth grade is fast paced, but the children will have a lot of fun learning all the different concepts.  We look forward to starting the journey with our fourth graders!


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