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Registration Process

for questions call 973-778-4620

● If your child has ever been enrolled in the Lodi Public Schools System skip to STEP 2.

Step 1: Submit a Pre-Registration Application

* Note this application is ONLY to be completed if this is your child's FIRST time in the district.

Preschool registration is HALF-DAY only. Your child must be 4 years old ON or BEFORE October 1st to register for preschool.

Morning Session (A.M. Session) 8:40AM - 11:15AM

Afternoon Session (P.M. Session) 12:30PM - 3:05PM

Kindergarten registration is FULL DAY only. Your child must be 5 years old ON or BEFORE October 1st to register for Kindergarten.

Students who already attended Lodi Preschool do NOT need to be registered again for Kindergarten.

Click here to begin preregistration


Step 2: Print out and complete the Registration Packet as well as the appropriate Medical Packet.

* If you do not have a printer please contact the Registration Support Team at 973-778-4620 to request a copy and to schedule a pick up date and time.

Registration Packet



Medical Packets

Elementary - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1azR_qxmeIulVYsggi8tgTO74U9fS4qQ4/view?usp=sharing

Middle/High School - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mzKaiw9xjOdYpUa0TOmIyJXWb2XFNqqK/view?usp=sharing


Once completed, please submit the packets and all Required Personal Documentation listed below to registration@lodi.k12.nj.us

Required Personal Documentation

* Residency Affidavit is on Page 8 of the Proof of Residency Packet found in the Additional Resource box*

Step 3: Once all required documents, Registration Packet, and Medical Packet are submitted, you will receive an email confirming you have completed the registration process.

You will not be asked for any information or document protected from disclosure by law, or pertaining to criteria which are not legitimate bases for determining eligibility to attend school. You may voluntarily disclose any document or information you believe will help establish that the student meets the requirements of law for entitlement to attend school in the district, but we may not, directly or indirectly, require or request:

• Income tax returns

• Documentation/information relating to citizenship or immigration/visa status, unless the student holds or is applying for an F-1 visa

• Documentation/information relating to compliance with local housing ordinances or conditions of tenancy

• Social security numbers

• If you experience difficulties with the enrollment process, please contact the building principal for assistance



Please click here for The Road Forward - Health and Safety Guidance for 21-22