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Director of Technology - Chris Mykietyn

(973) 778 - 1904



Sr. Technology Support Specialist - Marek Mozal

(862) 336 - 4990



Technology Support Specialist - Kerim Dere

(973) 795 - 0834


The Lodi Public School District believes that the effective use of technologies in the classroom is integral to the success of our students.  To that end, the Office of Technology has been charged with the task of maintaining the fidelity of the District's technical assets.  We are also committed to the investigation of new and emerging technologies and practices that will enable our faculty and students to retain their competitive edge in today's fast-moving technology-driven environment.


The technical assets of the district include over 1,500 Windows desktops and laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads.  Each of our seven schools has dedicated computer labs for student access, and mobile labs in the form of laptop carts are also available for classroom usage.  iPads are starting to be introduced to students and staff alike as the District is keen to embrace the latest mobile technology.  SMART Boards are now available in 100% of our classrooms.


The District has recently undergone a network upgrade to improve data speeds to each of our schools.  Internet usage is a key feature in our curriculum, as Study Island, Learning.com, and other online resources have become important tools for our teachers.  Future plans include expanding the coverage of our wireless networks to accommodate the growth in mobile computing devices, including BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives that are being considered.


The Office of Technology assists faculty in the evaluation of software tools and their integration into the curriculum.  A recent example of this is the introduction of Adobe Photoshop into some of our computer labs, which will give our students the opportunity to gain valuable experience utilizing this tool.  Maintenance of Windows operating systems, anti-virus systems, and other software are performed by our technicians to keep our systems up-to-date.


The Office of Technology is involved in many long and short term projects for the District.  Recent completed projects include upgrading the District's email system, the revamp of the District website, and improving student access to the District's library card catalog.  Future projects will include upgrades to our school servers and other infrastructure improvements.




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