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Superintendent of Schools - Dr. Douglas J. Petty


Dr. Douglas J. Petty

Dear Lodi Community,

I would like to start by saying how honored and extremely excited I am about this amazing opportunity to be your Superintendent of Schools. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and building our partnership in providing the very best education and experiences for our students of this fine school district.

A little bit about myself. I’m a proud husband and father. My wife, Cindy and I have two boys, Tyler and Nicholas. I’m hopeful that my appointment to this position inspires them and validates the importance of education, hard work, believing in yourself and putting your integrity above everything else.

I’ve spent the last 17 years in public education and serving my community in various capacities, including being elected to my local school board. My teaching experience includes a variety of content at various levels, including graduate students at the university level to students in elementary, middle and high school. Since 2013, I’ve served as a public school principal. I am an advocate for children, committed to bettering the lives and education of as many students as I can. Our students are our greatest hopes and they are our greatest dreams.

There is work to be done and much success to be had. We will have some short-term “wins”, while others will take some time. However, I am confident that the “ingredients” for success are already present with us here and now.

My mission as your Superintendent is also my passion and is the reason I do what I do. That is, ensuring our students are best prepared with the knowledge, habits and skills necessary to pursue and achieve their goals and dreams. With pride and purpose, they will be engaged in a rigorous teaching and learning environment where they will grow intellectually, emotionally and socially.

To do so, we will foster an educational environment:

  • Rich in substance and grounded in collaboration and cooperation
  • That promotes creativity and innovation
  • That encourages and supports positive relationships
  • That allows multiple paths toward success
  • Where team members find trust and support
  • Where the very best teachers are in every one of our classrooms.
  • Where success is not only possible, but guaranteed for every single student

It is my belief that:

  • Children come first
  • Parents are our partners
  • Victory is in the classroom
  • Leadership, teaching, and holding everyone accountable are keys to success
  • It takes the entire community to ensure the success of our schools.

My goals moving into this role are as follows:

  • To ensure effective district governance through positive and productive Board-Superintendent relationships
  • Establish stability, public trust and confidence through open and honest communication and positive relationships among all stakeholder groups
  • A focus on high expectations and increased student achievement for all students
  • Increased organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability
  • Attention to issues related to school safety, security, and climate for all schools.

I would like to thank the Lodi School Board members for their tireless and thorough work in finding the person who would fill this role. I can assure you that the process was extremely rigorous and that I will live up to and exceed all of the expectations that the board, the staff, the teachers, students and community members have and expect of me in this role.

Moving forward, we will reignite, realign, reinvest and charge forward with conviction, our belief in this school district, in our teachers, in our students, and in everything that speaks to why Lodi is the best place on Earth to live and send your children to school.

Very Truly Yours,

Dr. Douglas J. Petty

Superintendent of Schools


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