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The district Reopening Plan is an ongoing process and subject to change as directed by the New Jersey Department of Education or as dictated by changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Student Registration

Dear Parents, I know you all are eager to register your students into Lodi Public Schools! Please be sure to pre-register your child by clicking the ‘Parents’ tab here on our website, and click Student Registration. Once you have pre-registered, you will receive an email from the Superintendent’s Office with requirement information to gather, and instructions on scheduling an appointment to complete the registration process.

Class of 2020

Class of 2020 Commencement Ceremonies

Click Here for a replay of the LHS ceremony

Please click here for a replay of the TJMS ceremony

United States Census 2020

Lodi residents are urged to complete the United Status 2020 census if they have not already done so.  The census can be accessed at

Lodi Crisis Resources


Spring Break Activities

Please click here for some information on Spring Break Activities

Hess Toy Truck Grant

Wilson School is the proud recipient of the 2020 Hess Toy Truck Grant. Our Grade 3 students are so excited to continue exploring through the use of Hess Toy Trucks along with a STEM curriculum that demonstrates how toys can be used as learning tools.

Previous curriculum guides have explored practical transportation issues such as fuel efficiency, force and motion, levers, and road surfaces as they relate to tow trucks.

Bergen County Board of Social Services


Emergency Broadcast System Update

Please be advised that we are updating our emergency broadcast system, Blackboard Connect, with a new originating number.  This number,  862-237-2900, will be the number that will appear once an emergency broadcast goes out.

Lunch Payment Options

Please click here for information on pre-payment options for lunch

Register Ready - Special Needs Registry for Disasters

The New Jersey Deaprtment of Education (NJDOE) is partnering with the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management (NJOEM) to improve the state's ability to respond to residents with disabilities or those with functional needs when a disaster such as Hurrican Sandy occurs.  The "Register Ready" Special Needs Registry for Disasters is an online registry in which citizens can provide emergency response agencies with important information (e.g., if a resident is wheelchair bound or requires medical apparatus) so that emergency responders can be better prepared to serve those individuals during a natural disaster or other emergency.  

Register Ready is a confidential database that can only be accessed by designated local, county and state emergency managers.

In support of NJOEM's efforts toward disaster preparedness, the NJDOE is encouraging schools to circulate information about the registry to parents and guardians of students.  The NJOEM Register Ready wepage contains links to brochures about the registry program in English and Spanish, which schools can download to share with students and their families.  Citizens should go to the Register Ready registration webpage to sign up for the program.

The NJOEM encourages New Jersey residents with disabilities or access and functional needs to sign up with Register Ready well before disaster strikes.

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